Eurohub Accessories

If you need inspiration or information to customise your car, please feel free to have a chat with our sales manager who can then forward your query to our service advisor. OneHub Detailing is an extension to the EuroHub group where no job for us is too big or too small. Please do note that these accessories are excluded from the sale price, and they also incur labour charges.

DTM Mag Wheels

DTM offer the hottest after-market wheels with an array of styles and fitments. These are one of the most desirable aftermarket equipment amongst car enthusiasts to jazz their pride up a bit. They are popular because of their aesthetic qualities and being light weight aid in racing applications. They are constructed out of magnesium metal alloy.

Ceramic Coating/ Nano Coating by DuraSeal

DuraSeal High Performanec Ceramic Paint Protector is based on technology developed for the U.S. space and defence industries. Over the years, they have developed their technology and resins providing resistance against chemicals and extreme heat. TF group which is a NZ owned company have been providing Dura-Seal automotive protection products to the NZ motor industry for over 25 years and they vouch for it by providing a lifetime warranty**

How does Dura-Seal work?

A ceramic coating is a liquid polymer, applied by hand to the exterior paint, plastics and glass. It chemically bonds with the vehicle's OEM clear coat, to create a layer of protection. Providing a permanent bond with your vehicles paint. And like so it forms an invisible barrier between the paintwork and the external harmful elements.

What can it do for your vehicle?

  • Enhances gloss by increasing the reflective properties of your vehicle's paint finish.
  • High level surface protection by being resilient to environmental and external conditions. Rays be it Sun or UV cause oxidation of the paint. Harsh effects caused by external factors such as acid rain, sea salt, bird droppings, tress sap etc
  • Reduced maintenance by significantly decreasing the amount of time it takes to clean, dry, and shine your vehicle. Please do note water spotting will still occur and it is advised to regularly removed the contaminants to prevent build up on the coating.

*** this information has been resourced from

Performance Tuning Stage 1 & Stage 2

The meaning of stages can vary from car to car and engine to engine. They add more power and performance to the vehicle.

Chrome Delete. Black Out Packages

Blackouts are a specialised type of vinyl wrap, usually reserved for colouring certain parts of the vehicle. Blackouts can add that extra touch to your vehicle, smarten up the overall visuals and cover up unwanted chrome detailing. The most common amongst them are chrome blackouts. The following can easily be personalised to give your vehicle a much more modern look: badges, grills, roof rails, door handles, wing mirrors, window trims etc.

Window Tints

Window tints serve a dual purpose by adding some protection for the passengers by protecting them from harmful UV rays and additionally, keeps the vehicle cooler by heat rejection. Moreover, it instantly transforms the look of your car with an added benefit of privacy.

Wheel Painting + Caliper Painted

Would you look like your vehicle looking fresh and new just as if it came out of the factory? Then painting your wheels and brake callipers can do just that! To paint callipers a speciality paint is used and it can be easily customised with different colours and decals.

Diesel Tune + DPF Delete

Removing the DPF with a custom exhaust solution offers immediate gains in engine’s horsepower and overall performance, in addition to improved fuel economy and responsiveness. By replacing the restrictive DPF it benefits the vehicle by reducing exhaust temperatures and back pressure.

Lowering Kits

Lowering kits help you enjoy faster acceleration and quicker stops. The kits include stiffer springs that are designed to lower the front or rear stance of the vehicle resulting in less weight transfer when you hit the gas or brake hard.

Maxton Style. Body Kits

Maxton design has a vast array of aesthetically designed body kit modification for an extensive range of popular car makes and models. These have been available for the aftermarket performance world. These include splitters- front and rear, side skirts and diffusers, spoilers and lips.

Tow Bars

A tow bar is a highly sought-after vehicle accessory for a kiwi household. If you strive to be the favourite son- in-law or best boyfriend, we suggest you to get one. However, we will not recommend it if you would not want to be bothered by your family, friends, or neighbours. It can be used to connect a trailer so that you can transfer stuff, get more baggage or simply create more space for the passengers.

Roof Racks

The benefits of a roof rack include increasing the storage space of your vehicle, increasing legroom inside the vehicle, and providing a solid platform for transporting sporting equipment.

Apple Play/ NZ Navigation

This feature can make your journey safer and much more comfortable. You can get directions, make calls, send and receive messages, and enjoy your favourite music.