Frequently Asked Questions

  • What sets you apart?

    We are not here for a quick sale but to build long-term relationships. We offer one of the best after-sales service and support and industry leading vehicle technical know-how.

  • What is your mission?

    We are here with a mission to change the fear that most people have of owning a European vehicle. We are here to eliminate your stress and confusion. To remove the hassle and most importantly save our valued customers their time and money.

  • Are you legit?

    Of course, we are! We are a MTA approved dealership. Furthermore, the vehicles go through a comprehensive compliance inspection from VTNZ and odometer certification from AA/ Jevic.

  • What does your stock include?

    Think anything European and that should be synonymous with our brand and vision. We have the likes of Mercedes Benz, Audi, BMW, Volkswagen, Porsche, Jaguar etc. You will also find a few other makes too, you can’t blame us for having a good eye. We cannot resist a good car that we know can add value to our client’s need and pride.

  • Where is your fleet imported from?

    All our cars are auction grade 4.5+ and higher and are imported from Japan. The cars are astral inspected in Japan. Please note the accuracy of the description is usually taken from Japanese auction lists and we can only assume that they are correct.

  • Do you offer trade ins?

    We take pride in the cars we sell under our brand. That means it also comes with vehicle's history, transparency, and honesty from our end to our clients. Please note we prefer not to do Trade Ins. Nevertheless, we can consider it on a case-case basis.

  • Do I have to make an appointment for viewing?

    Vehicle sales open 7 days. You and your family are welcome to drop by anytime you want during working hours. However, it will be ideal to book an appointment for test drives. We also offer off-time viewings and open on public holidays if an appointment has been made.

  • Where are you based?

    We are based in the garden city of the South Island called Christchurch. Our address is 452 St. Asaph Street. However, we deliver throughout New Zealand.

  • We are based out of Christchurch. What options do you have for us?

    Viewings are available to our clients based out of Christchurch via Zoom or WhatsApp. NZ wide delivery.

  • What are your delivery options?

    We sell over 50% of vehicles to out of town customers. We have streamlined the delivery or pick up process. We offer Airport pick-ups for out-of-town clients. And deliver NZ wide at competitive rates. Buying online has never been easier and you should feel confident about your purchase.

  • What warranty, and insurance options you have available?

    Our business manager can tailor you a finance package that suits you and your family’s needs. We also offer a wide range of mechanical warranty options and insurances.

  • Can you offer finance?

    You will see finance repayments advertised with each of our vehicles. Whilst these are examples, they provide you with information such as to how the repayments are calculated, including interest rate, deposit, term and the total amount payable over the term. If you make your own selection as to term and deposit you will see this information updated.

  • Are vehicle on road costs included?

    As of April 1, 2022 under the Clean Car initiative planned by NZTA all rebates and fees for vehicles first registered in New Zealand will be based on a sliding scale of CO2 emissions. This fee/ rebate varies and so this is excluded when you purchase a vehicle from us.

  • Do you offer any add-ons with the vehicle?

    If you would like accessories installed to the car such as mags, tints, tow bars, roof brackets, NZ navigation, modifications etc. These can be done as we have an in-house workshop. At extra cost of course.

  • Can I have a personalized plate or can I transfer the one I have?

    Please enquire from our team, we can get the vehicle registered under the plate you currently have or you can order one from

  • Are you present on social media?

    Ever since the pandemic started, we have strengthened our digital presence. Furthermore, we also have detailed videos/ photos published on our social media. Please search Facebook, Instagram @EuroHubNZ or and YouTube and Trade Me EuroHub Cars.

  • I would like my vehicle serviced; can you recommend an automotive shop?

    If based in Christchurch, you are welcome to bring it to our service/ repair division KBL Automotive, European specialists, looking after clients from all over the South Island for over 40 years! This service is not included with the purchase of the vehicle.

  • Who are you guys?

    We are an owner-operated automotive boutique dealership with a small team who will look after you with utmost care and attention. Besides that, we are a division of the EuroHub Group (European car sales, service and parts) and OneHub Group (Automotive, Grooming & Detailing and Panel Repairs) founded by Rana, Swati and their toddler Z.